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Sea kayak 1-day excursion to the Île aux Perroquets

Île aux Perrroquets and surrounding area – 1 day

Paddling with puffins between the archipelago and the mainland.

Full-day journey for fit and experienced to advanced sea kayakers

Effort level: Moderate-advanced

Île aux Perroquets

Île aux Perroquets is the gateway to the Mingan archipelago. Found offshore from the petit village of Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, it’s a bucket-list destination for seasoned kayakers.

During your day with us, depending on currents and winds, we will explore Île aux Perroquets, Île de la Maison and Île du Wreck — a magical area that time forgot, where the birds are masters. It’s common to see seals, porpoises, minke whales and more. There’s always a surprise in these waters that are teeming with life.

To choose a sea kayak rather than a motorboat to get to the archipelago is to choose to take the time to savour the incredible wilderness of the Cote-Nord. It’s the perfect expedition to connect with a rare and beautiful marine environment. You truly will experience real offshore sea kayaking. You’ll feel the wind, the swell of the waves, the sun and the currents of the region during your 45-minute crossing to the islands. If you call yourself a sea kayaker than this trip is for you.

General information

  • Length: 6-8 hours
  • Depart: On demand (ce voyage s'adresse a des niveaux avancées, la demande est donc faible. Faite votre demande quelques semaines à l'avance pour que nous puissions être en mesure de former des groupes et de vous offrir la sortie).
  • Age: 15 and older
  • Group: Minimum 6 people must register for us to depart
  • Distance: ±15-20 km
  • Reservation required
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early
  • From June 1 to August 15

What is provided

  • Single or double kayak, paddle, skirt;
  • Clothes, wetsuit, windbreaker, poogies (kayaking hand covers), and neoprene booties (wetsuit is not mandatory inside the bay on hot days in July and August);
  • Basic technical training so you can move efficiently and comfortably on your own during the trip;
  • Waterproof Bags: Can be used for snack, camera and change of clothes;
  • Lunch and snacks. Lunch consists of a smoked salmon pita or grilled sandwich (your choice), seasonal salad and miso broth. Seasonal fruits are served for dessert. Please let us know about any allergies when making your food choices.

Do not forget to bring

  • Spare clothes;
  • Your complete waterproof kit or waterproof-breathable clothing (anorak) pants and coat (the weather can change quickly);
  • Water shoes or sandals (however, you can use Noryak's booties);
  • Hot sweater or fleece, any clothing made of synthetic material, avoid cotton;
  • Sunglasses and straps so you don’t lose them;
  • Hat;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Bottle of water (minimum 1 litre) and a light snack;
  • Personal medication as needed;
  • A camera
  • Make sure you eat a good breakfast

Price per person

  • Adults: $137.00 per person (taxes not included)
  • Teens 15 to 17 years: $120.00 (taxes not included)

* You can get a discount if you own your own boat (15 foot minimum), your own kayak gear (PFD/ wet-suit), and your own safety gear. We reserve the right to refuse this privilege if we deem any of your equipment to be inadequate for this adventure.