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"It was definitely the trip of a lifetime" Mattew Hall

"August 2016: I was in a party of about 10 that paddled the Magpie and Mathieu supported the trip. He had flights, food and everything arranged so we could show up and get at it. The river is amazing and Mathieu made the experience that much better. He knows the river and area extremely well and goes above and beyond to make sure his guests are taken care of. A couple examples; we wanted a hike during the trip so on a trip before ours he cut a trail to a look off on a mountain. Then, when some of the food thawed too early, he arranged a helicopter delivery of some extra...and some beer :) It was more like paddling with an old friend than with someone I just met. Mathieu is passionate about his community and the people in it, his local wilderness, and his river. You'll not find a better guide to take you out to explore the North Shore." ROB NEISH

"Le Club Med des Expés. Vol en hélicoptère, descente sans bagage, bouffe fournie. Pas mal de luxe, de la belle température et de bons amis...une belle semaine d'eau-vive". Patrice lamothe



Logistical support and baggage transport for your trip down the incredible Magpie River

The Magpie River: Relax and go with the flow

Noryak Adventures offers experienced paddlers the opportunity to paddle this extraordinary river. We make it easy for you by taking care of your luggage, airport pick-ups, food preparation and travel arrangements.

This package is for experienced paddlers who can ensure their safety on the water. The group leader must demonstrate that the group has the technical abilities to handle this adventure. The service offered by Noryak includes the transport of luggage on the water by catarafts of 18 feet led by an attendant, air transport (helicopter or plane), and complete food service.

If you’re wondering why you’d pay for this service if you could do the river on your own, the answer is simple: Sometimes in life it’s worth it to relax, let someone else worry about the details and go with the flow.

About the river:

The Magpie River rushes down from the Quebec highlands into the Canadian Shield, where it winds through mountains and cuts through canyons, before joining the salt water of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It’s fast moving and full of rapids making it a paddler’s dream.

The Magpie is a world class river. The quality of its rapids, the ease of access to the river, and the purity of its water make it exceptional. It’s truly one of the best rivers in the Americas for the multi-day whitewater expeditions according to the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi.

But for the crew at Noryak the Magpie is more than just a world class river. We have been paddling the river for more than 20 years. In that time we have done our best to protect the river by clearing camp sites and restoring centuries old Innu portages. We have come to know her and, it’s not too much to say, love her.


  • 6 day trip by adding 1 day on the river;
  • 7 day trip by adding a full day to Lake Magpie;
  • Rental of camping equipment;
  • Kayak rental and nautical equipment (travel by plane);
  • Possibility to include rafting boat and guide to include non-autonomous paddlers;


  • “I'm glad I did not have to spend two days in a motel preparing food. I took full advantage of my days off."
  • "The aerial logistics are complex, and I am happy that Noryak takes care of everything I can take a real vacation.”
  • "The guys are pro and the service is one of a kind. It is meant for experienced paddlers like us."
  • "It's an option that gives us the opportunity to have fun and surf with light boats and be more efficient in ensuring our own safety."
  • "With the wind in my face on the last flat section, I'm glad I did not have to paddle and take advantage of the engine on the catarafts. It was a nice relaxing moment at the end of our trip.”

What is provided:

  • Air transportation to the put in;
  • Air transport to remove gear from the river;
  • Luggage transport service on the river in the raft;
  • Equipment: catarafts 18 feet (carries 1000lbs +.) Chain saw, engine to help on the flats;
  • On the river: general information about the river from our expert guides;
  • At camp: full service food and cooking facilities, cook-attendant.

You must provide:

  • Your camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, floor mat);
  • Your kayak or canoe equipment;
  • Shuttle bus;
  • Help putting together camp and on portages
  • Personal rescue equipment and your safety knowledge to ensure your own safety on the river.

Please contact us directly for more details on this package the ways to adapt it to your group.


Air shuttles for our adventure trips on the Magpie are provided by our partner AIR TUNILIK