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Who are we?

At Noryak, we love the region, and know it well...

Noryak is a small but nimble Cote-Nord company owned and operated by passionate outdoors people. We officially opened in 2017 but our guides have been working for 20 years in the waters of the Mingan Islands, the Magpie River and the coast and hinterlands of Minganie.

Our guides are first and foremost specialists in adventure. Their knowledge of the territory and the ways you can safely play in it, is unsurpassed. They are more than happy to adapt a trip to suit your needs, and it’s that mix of knowledge and flexibility is why you should choose Noryak. 

At Noryak, we love the region, and know it well. We’ve explored every nook, know the secrets of its flora and fauna, and many of its stories. We’ve been studying the region for more than 20 years and we love to share our immense love and knowledge of the Minganie with those who wish to learn.