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The Team


Jean-François has paddled the Côte-Nord since 2000. He's an outdoor fanatic, and loves sea kayaking, river kayaking, rafting, trekking, biking and skiing. He’s outside in each season and plays on every type of terrain. Jean-François is an experienced paddler who knows the Minganie extremely well. He is detail oriented, he adapts easily, and loves to share his knowledge and his passion. Jean-François teaches outdoor education during the off-season and is a ski patroller at the Petite Rivière St-François in the winter.

Martin Guay


Martin comes from Lake St-Jean (Qc.), he adopted Minganie 20 years ago. Since then, he explores the territory with its canoe. It is a force of nature that can carry canoe for days and sleep in the rain. He is a hunter and an experienced fisherman. Martin is an environmental enthusiast and biologist, he tries to minimize the impacts of man on the earth. He works full time in the domain of environment and spends his weeks of vacations on the Magpie River to offer cataraft luggage transport. He has been traveling the Magpie since 2008; There are more than 40 days in expedition on this river.


Mathieu Bourdon

Mathieu is crazy about water and paddling. He moved to Minganie in 1996, dropped anchor in the region he has been traveling in the region’s backcountry tirelessly ever since. He is an expert in anything that involves a paddle, from sea kayaking, rafting, river kayaking and canoeing. He has taught, developed maritime and river trails, worked as a guide, mentor, and provided safety training. His passion for water and the territory of Minganie guide his life. He works closely with public rescue agencies to improve the safety practices of sea kayaking and refine the knowledge of the ocean currents that govern the archipelago. Mathieu is an explorer in love with the territory he lives in. He has navigated between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the river for more than 20 years. He has studied the seasons, learned the stories of the region, and knows the plants and animals, and he loves nothing more than sharing his experience and knowledge with Noryak’s guests.  


Camy-Anne grew up in Abitibi (Qc.), she love the nature. She is funny, friendly and terribly positive. She studied the interpretation of nature at the CEGEP St-Félicien. She knows the edible and medicinal plants of the Boreal forest and she generously shares her knowledge with us. Camy-Anne has as a sea kayak guide since the summer of 2017 and she the spécialist of the Baie of the Romaine Tour. She now lives in Minganie where she dedicates her free time to collect plant and practice of Yoga.


Alexandra Landry

Alexandra grew up in Havre-Saint-Pierre she has navigate around  the islands of the Mingan Archipelago since a very young age. She knows the territory and the stories of the place. Alexandra was full of energy and enthusiasm. His work as a kinesiologist is an asset in the Noryak team. She has been training as a sea kayak guide since the summer of 2017 and  wishes to become a guide during the 2019 season. Alexandra brings a nice dynamic to the groups she accompanies; she makes us discover the local culture.